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Golf Course?

Why am I picking on Golf? A couple stories:

I have never been good at golf, probably because I have no interest in improving. But the last time I played, I did get two birdies. Impressive, huh? One birdie was in a tree, the other birdie was on the ground. I believe both of them survived. I also got a house, a car, and most of the other items around the course. I have a set of golf clubs that someone gave me. It was a waste of a set of clubs. I would rather work to improve my dovetail joints than work to improve my golf score. I don't particularly like fishing either!

Another real story. An accomplished businessman sold his chain of successful businesses. (I won't get more specific here, but if you buy me a drink, I'll give you Mike's name). He retired and was going to have time to play golf regularly. Day after day he went to the golf course, and day after day he came home cranky - his golf game didn't respond to his directions for improvement as well as his businesses had. Finally his wife (asked, begged, demanded) him to get a different activity - that he was not happy, and was certainly making her unhappy. He bought a new set of businesses - glutton for punishment, perhaps, not one but several retail businesses. This is the point I met him, so I can't compare, but he seems happy, and busy, and apparently enjoys an occasional game of golf.

It's not just me. Someone who read this web page sent me a note that said (paraphrased) "I've excelled at every sport I've ever played, except golf. Spent a small fortune on lessons, clubs, and literally hit 500-700 balls a day at the practice range. But put me on the tee box and I'm a different creature altogether. The happiest day of my wife's life was when I came home and told her I was through with golf. Woodworking can be irritating, but compared to golf, it's like viewing the beautiful beaches and water of Costa Rica."

Other retirement stories

One of my bosses, years ago, retired so he would have time for activities around the house (and on the golf course?) He reported that his wife said, "I married him for better or for worse, but not for lunch every day." So he had a heart attack instead.

To paraphrase another person, "I don't want to find a chair and look out the window and wait to die. I want to have fun and be productive and useful for those other 20 or 30 or 40 years of my life."