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Tutorials and Links

Most of this web site is oriented to answering a question (or a series of questions) in depth, through web pages specific to that subject. But the author has done many short classes, club programs, or tutorials that, rather than exploring a subject in depth, provides an overview of a topic - suggest a way (perhaps one of many ways) to do something, from start to finish. Think of the pages here as an overview!

I do not have any magic stone tablets... use this approach and "everything will be perfect since it is the only right way." My suggestions represent a way that has worked well for me.

Finishing indoor furniture

This tutorial goes through the various steps you might follow to finish a piece of indoor furniture, staying focused on step by step, with minimal exploration of the options and alternatives. If you want to become expert, be sure to see the more detailed web pages on this site. Or if you are just trying to refinish a piece of used furniture, with minimum tools and locally available material, see the page on refinishing.

Posting pictures on forums or in eMail

This isn't the most important topic here, but I wrote it up because I had to help so many people resize pictures to post on forums or use in emails.

Of course if you are going to post pictures, you need to take them. I have a page on taking pictures for publicity on social media or a web site.

Lathe - wood turning

My Solo Furnituremaker business does not focus on turning bowls and spindles, so I don't have a major section on those techniques, but have seen some links that I find useful.

I was recently introduced to the YouTube turning videos by John Lucas. I haven't watched them all, nor have I tried all of his suggestions, but what I have seen so far have been excellent.

If you are interested in making bowls, I bought and liked the "Turned Bowls made Easy" video from Bill Grumbine. The biggest complaint is that he does practically everything with just a bowl gouge - he doesn't need or use all those other tools you bought when you got your lathe. Bill has retired, but has some copies of this great DVD available - email him, or you can buy used copies on Amazon.

My friend, Stu Ablett, is a Canadian who lives in Tokyo with his Japanese wife and family. He is an extraordinary woodworker, both flatwork and turning (as well as a talented metalworker). A few years ago he posted an educational video on how he makes toothpick holders. His other videos are very educational as well.

European Woodworking machines

Be sure to see the tutorial on using a sliding tablesaw, in the MiniMax section of this web site, as well as other notes oriented to MiniMax and European machine users.

The MiniMax section also includes a tutorial on setting up and using the slot mortiser.

Shop Tour

For years, folks have asked me to post pictures of my shop or to give them a layout. Layout is hard because I have so much large equipment that it often, in fact, overlaps. But I finally took pictures and put together a web page shop tour. My shop, no claim that it is the perfect shop, but it is mine.


If you find a good tutorial, web site, or video please send me the link to include here. Please email your suggestions to me.

I also welcome your suggestions and corrections for this site.

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