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Contact us

I am anxious to receive your suggestions, comments, corrections, and even criticism of the contents of this site.

You may send an email to CPlesums@SoloWoodworker.com
    or to CPlesums@Plesums.com

Feel free to write to me by snail mail at
   Charles Plesums
   5702 Puccoon Cove
   Austin Texas 78759-7177

My telephone number is (512) 349-0740

Please click here if you are having trouble reaching us, or we do not respond promptly. Be sure to give us an alternate way to get back to you, if necessary.

If you are interested in our custom furniture building services, check our other web site, www.plesums.com/wood

The information on this site is free for your personal use on-line. I hope for a small reward through the advertising, so I would rather that you minimize off-line use (on line, you get new ads each time, and may click on something that interests you). If this proves interesting to lots of people it may someday become a book, so you are NOT welcome to publish the contents or incorporate it into other works. You may link to the site or to specific pages of this site with my permission, which I expect to give.

There is a group of custom furniture and cabinet makers in Canada with a web site www.solowoodworking.com that is unrelated to us. (Group, solo? I don't know!). The web site comes and goes, and they do not respond to email.


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