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This section is to address the business issues of a one-person business, which may not have the usual goal of growth to more employees and products. Be sure to check the ideas here with your tax and legal advisors.

One of the first issues is how your craft will be sold - what sales model or business niche you will try to fill. And part of the challenge will be setting your price.

How big a shop will you need? And what kind of lighting?

Should you invest in woodworking software?

Many people plan on building kitchen cabinets. Consider these issues before you go there!

How will you structure your business? Do you need to formally establish a company? Incorporate? Most of this web site is about a solo craft business, but a number of friends have tried to use the hints to establish a growing business, so there is a page on those differences.

Will you have to collect sales tax? Yes. Get over it, you will. But it isn't as bad as it seems.

What does it take to set up a commercial account with your vendors? To buy wholesale? Answer, act like a wholesale customer.

Some of my vendors offer special deals through their mailing list - worth running through their emails. There are free magazines for woodworkers that I enjoy, and forums that I belong to. I have even given up on a few vendors. This is the list of lists!

What kind of accounting records will you need to keep? This is not accounting 101, but it will get you started with a simple program like Intuit Quicken.

Please let me know if there are additional topics that you would like covered.